urban card®

We're a group of folks who appreciate the finer things in life. Within our own community, and while traveling the world. We're cravers of quality goods and services that pave the way to life enrichment -- be it a cup of freshly roasted coffee, a simple white tee, or world class food, it's likely the result of the producer's passion and vision for greatness. THESE are the things we love. We crave them. We celebrate them. We relish in them. And we know you do too.  


The urban card® is a membership for folks like ourselves. Cravers of goodness. It's a resource that guides and directs people to the things we've come to love [and know you will too]. Oh, and it saves you some dollars in the process. Why? So you can do MORE of what you love. Because more visits translates into relationships with the great people behind these sweet spots. It's these relationships that transform daily transactions into 'Cheers-like' experiences and contribute to an overall sweeter life.


[Because love is in the] DETAILS
The urban card® // One [very sleek, super sexy] Card. 
Welcomed by 50+ of Greater Des Moines' best businesses.
Any day.
Every day.
Without the use of daily deals or coupons [We get it. You're grown folks, spending real dollars. You're not cheap. You're smart and efficient.  And there IS a difference].

MERCHANTS // welcomers of urban card

All Merchants on the urban card are hand selected by us. They share style, standards, and spirit of our urban card Members. They're invested in the community, and deliver high quality goods or services that enrich the lives of others. Their passion and offerings make our city a better [+ more fun] place to live. And, we happen to really like the guys and gals behind these businesses. 


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